february 7, 2022

one thing’s been bugging me. it’s probably nothing.

every few hours, someone comes into the sandwich shop that i recognize. sometimes they’re a friend who wants to see me suffer. other times, i can’t remember who they are.

i don’t know how to feel about that.

i’ve tried to rationalize it in every different way. maybe you never knew these people. you had a class last year, they sat across the room from you, and you remembered their face more than the curriculum.

maybe depression, which you’re finally crawling out of, really does cause memory loss.

but the problem is. i don’t know if i didn’t know them. maybe we talked. maybe we were friends. there’s an off chance that i knew them in high school, a name and a state ago.

the human mind can only hold so much information. whatever that limit is, i probably cap out at half that.

i’ve made a lot of new friends this year. before that, i barely had any friends outside the net. maybe i’m just forgetting the identities that don’t matter to me anymore. the faces remain.